Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifics with regard to shipping?
Zinger custom baseball bats are sent using regular ground shipment through FedEx.  If you need expedited shipping, please place your order and select ground shipping and call us to set up and pay for expedited shipping.  Remember, production times will vary and it will not be possible to get custom bats finished immediately and sent immediately (regardless of shipping options).  ex. - Overnight shipping will be production time PLUS one day...which still could be two weeks. 

What's harder? A finished bat or an unfinished bat?
For Maple, they are both just as strong. Because the maple that we use is so dense, nothing can really be added to it to make it any stronger. The finish is simply cosmetic, but some players swear that it makes our bats harder. We won't argue.  As far as ash, we highly recommend getting a finish on the bat.  Ash is a porous wood and the clear coat helps to protect the wood from the elements and prolong the life of the bat to keep it from flaking too soon.  

Why does Zinger recommend no greater than a -2 weight drop?
Anytime you choose a lighter bat, you are choosing a weaker bat. Many players today are so used to swinging the ultra-light aluminum bats, that it's hard to mentally picture themselves swinging anything heavier than a -3. The fact is that almost everyone can handle a heavier wood bat because of the difference in swing weight vs. actual weight (based on the balance and distribution of weight).  And the heavier the bat, the more density the wood will have - usually resulting in better performance and more durability.

What is your turnaround time for custom bats?
That can vary depending on the time of year, but are usually very fast compared to other manufacturers.  We always strive to ship within a week of an order being paid for, but production times will sometimes increase to around 14 days during our busiest times of the year.   Ordering unfinished Maple will always be faster than ordering painted or stained bats.  Two-tone bats will take longer than single color bats.  Please take this into account when ordering.  

I have a tournament this weekend. Do you have any bats in stock?
Yes, we almost always have an ample supply of our best selling models on hand for those occasions when you need a bat right away. Visit our store site to browse some of our ready to ship options.  Or you can call and inquire about what we have in stock.  Inventory prices are slightly less than custom prices for the same quality bats.     

How should I store my bats when I'm not using them?
Keep them inside. Cold or hot conditions aren't the ideal conditions for wood bats, so don't keep them in the trunk of your car or in the back of your SUV if you can avoid it.  Also, we would suggest that you do not store your bats in a garage (especially true if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperature conditions)

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