Warranties & Returns
Due to the custom nature of our wood bats, and the fact that you are ordering a wood bat made completely to your exact specifications, orders cannot be canceled for any reason. Each of our wood bats is made to the customer's choice of model, wood species, length, weight, color combinations and name personalization. Therefore, once our lathe knives touch the wood bat blank that is destined to become your bat, your order cannot be altered, changed, or canceled.

Order your wood bats early. It's wise to factor in 2-4 weeks of turnaround time when placing your order. With the high demand of our wood bats, turnaround time varies with each month. At different times of the year, it may take less or more time depending on professional and amateur league demands. With that said, you may want to also consider ordering more than one Zinger Bat, one for batting practice, one for games, and a spare... just in case. You will also save on shipping and handling when ordering more than one.

Remember, our Zinger Bats are made from the finest Rock Maple, Yellow Birch or Northern White Ash on the planet. We meticulously select our wood billets to produce only the best possible wood bats on the market, our company philosophy is better wood makes a better bat. We take precise measurements of the density of the wood we use, and carefully match the best wood for the particular model of bat we are about to make. Extraordinary care is taken in the turning and shaping and finishing of each wood bat. The result is a harder and more durable bat that more and more professional and amateur baseball players are calling "theirs".

Because we take so much care when we make your Rock Maple, Yellow Birch or Northern White Ash bat, we want to make sure that you know how to make it last:
  • Never ever throw your bat. Zinger Bats were not meant to be thrown, nor is any other piece of equipment except the baseball.
  • Thin handled wood bats are not always your best option. The thinner the handle, the less mass it has. The majority of our wood bats feature a handle diameter of 15/16" for feel, and strength, and it's what most professionals want.
  • Practice with soft toss and tee work when you first use your new Zinger Bat. This will help train your eye to ensure proper contact with the ball when facing live pitching.
  • Always position the bat in your hands so the Zinger Bat logo is facing you (up), or that the logo is on the opposite side facing away from you (down). We take great care to place our Zinger Bat logo on top of the grain to ensure that when a pitched ball is struck, you will make contact with the bats strongest surface. The positioning of the label will help you find the "sweet spot" on your bat. Hitting the baseball squarely on the sweet spot will help you reach the fences.
  • Don't leave your bat in the trunk on a hot day. Your car can become an oven. High heat can bake the moisture out of your bat causing it to become brittle. Long periods of exposure to heat is not good for any bat. This is why you want to avoid purchasing a bat from a sporting goods store window. Bats are like people, we want to be comfortable, not hot or cold.
  • Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at info@zingerbats.com with any of your questions. We love hearing from you.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees with wood bats. But the better you can take care of your bat, the longer it will last. All sales are final, no returns will be accepted.

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